Elite Broker Network (EBN) is a select Authorised Representative (AR) network with the chair and key directors being active ARs themselves.

“We constantly encourage, lift and strengthen one another. As this positive energy spreads, it is felt by us all individually. This is the key to our success.”

Kylie Howlett – Guardsafe

“We are a network that provides professional services that our Broker Partners can leverage to extend their reach and increase revenue in a constantly changing market.”

Suzanne Knight - Director

“We understand that we don’t have to be the biggest network brand, but that we each simply need to focus on what our business needs are in the present, and then what we need into the future to create value and offer expertise to our clients.”

Grant Lorenz – Rural Insurance Services

“BrokerReady is not just a broking platform, it is technology that has explored and developed its own set of best and next practices.  For us, it’s a matter of adding value to a broking business through system choice and security, whilst building and elevating network digital maturity.”

Terry Barton – BrokerReady

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